It may be still too cold to go to the seaside, but it is never too late to bring a piece of the sea to the table. In today’s recipe I am preparing the steamed scallops with glass noodles. This is a super quick and easy recipe, which allow you to have fresh seafood dish ready in a few minutes.


As a Chinese born and raised in the north of China, seafood had not been familiar in our family diet. In my city the most consumed animal from the “water” had been fish from the river. The usual way of cooking it was to braise. So, in my childhood I had hardly tried any seafood with shells, except for shrimps and crabs that once or twice a year we could had them for certain occasions.

The first time I had tried the scallop was when I went to Sanya in the Hainan Island. I had a clear memory of this dish because I was super attracted by the steamed glass noodles in the dish. They had absorbed all the flavorful juice of the scallops. The scent of the ocean coming from the steaming hot scallops and the shells made this dish so irresistible even for a 10-year-old kid.

Gli spaghetti impregnati del brodo delle capesante avevano portato in tavola un profumo di oceano irresistibile.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this dish ever since. Later in my life every time when I went to eat in a seafood restaurant, this has always been a dish I was craving for.

You could make this dish with a steamer and few simple condiments. For those of you who are pescatarians or seafood lovers, this is a dish not to be missed!


Recipe by Sasha WangCourse: SECOND COURSECuisine: ChineseDifficulty: Low







This is a super quick and easy recipe, which allow you to have fresh seafood dish ready in a few minutes.


  • Scallop + condiments
  • Scallop: 4

  • Garlic clove: 1-2

  • Scallion: a little

  • Seasoned soy sauce for seafood: 4 tbsp

  • Sunflower oil: 4-5 tbsp

  • Glass noodle + marinade
  • Glass noodles: 60g

  • Spicy soy bean paste: 0.5 tbsp

  • Soy sauce: 2 tbsp

  • Oyster sauce: 0.5 tbsp


  • Glass noodle + marinade
  • Soak the glass noodles in cold water for 20 minutes until they become soft.
  • Drain out the water and give the glass noodles few cuts roughly.
  • Mix the soy bean paste, soy sauce and oyster sauce together to get the marinade.
  • Mix the marinade with glass noodles. Set it aside.
  • Scallop + condiments
  • Prepare the scallops. I bought them from the supermarket, which were already cleaned and ready to be cooked. If you need to clean them by yourself, make sure to remove all the grey parts and transparent fibers, leaving only the center and the coral parts.
  • Separate the scallops from the shells. Set them aside.Separa delicatamente le capesante dalle loro conchiglie. Tieni da parte.
  • Cut the scallion in julienne. Soak them in water.
  • Grate the garlic.
  • Cooking
  • Place the shells in the steamer.
  • Then put the glass noodles and the scallops onto the shells. Steam them on high heat for 6 minutes.Sistema le conchiglie nella vaporiera.
  • Take the shells out from the steamer and place them in a big plates.
  • Place the scallion julienne and the grated garlic on top. Season each scallop with 1 tbsp of seasoned soy sauce for seafood.
  • Heat up some sunflower oil until some smoke starts to come out. Slowly pour the oil onto the scallion and the garlic in order to take out their perfume.capesante al vapore con spaghetti di soia

Video Recipe

The best way of eating this dish is to take a good big bite of the scallop together with the glass noodles. Don’t worry about not being a lady or a gentleman while eating this dish. The explosion of juicy scallop in your mouth would make it worthy.

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