It is September again, which means my favorite festival: the mid-autumn festival, is approaching! Just to tell you how excited I am: I am already calculating how much ingredients to buy and when to deliver my homemade mooncakes to friends! If you are interested in traditional mooncake recipes, check out some detailed easy-to-make solutions, which I have posted during the past years. This year, I have decided to share a modern mooncake recipe, which is getting popular in the recent years through the internet. It is a no-baked version made of taro purée filled with refreshing creamy cheese. It is a recipe that requires (almost) zero cooking, yet the outcome can be beyond satisfying!



Taro is a root vegetable, which is widely cultivated in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.The skin is light brown, rough, while the pulp is usually white. The texture of taro is quite similar to yam (sweet potato), easy to cook and hard to make mistakes. Taro doesn’t have a strong scent, which makes it one of the most versatile ingredients, popularly used in cooking and baking in many Asian cuisines.

Il taro è una radice vegetale coltivata nel sud dell'Asia e in Oceania. La buccia è di un colore marrone chiaro, ruvida, mentre la polpa è solitamente bianca.

In China, we steam taro together with pork ribs, making a famous Cantonese dim sum dish. People find the steamed taro taste even better than the pork as it absorbs the juice of the meat in the steaming process.

You may be already very familiar with the Taiwanese bubble tea. Taro purée is one of the ingredients added into the bubble tea, which made the bubble tea internet popular.

In southeast Asian countries, taro is used in savory cakes, stir-fry dishes and desserts.

In this recipe, we first steam the taro (the only cooking involved) and then make it into a sweetened purée, which is going to be the skin of the mooncake.

After blending, the taro purée appears a compact and glutinous texture, super easy to shape.

Dopo averlo mescolato il purée di taro sembra un composto compatto e glutinoso a cui è molto facile dargli una forma.

I made half portion of the purée into violet color by adding violet potato powder.

come preparare il purée di taro


A light refreshing filling is a perfect match to the taro skin. I am making an sweet-and-sour cheese by mixing the cream cheese Philadelphia, sugar and lemon juice.


Recipe by Sasha WangCourse: SNACKCuisine: ChineseDifficulty: Low







No-bake mooncake made of taro purée filled with refreshing creamy cheese. It is a recipe that requires (almost) zero cooking, yet the outcome can be beyond satisfying!


  • Taro purée
  • Taro: 1000g

  • Sugar: 60g

  • Milk powder: 20g

  • Condensed milk: 30g

  • Butter: 40g

  • Purple sweet potato in powder (optional): 1-1.5 tsp

  • The lemon flavored cheese filling
  • Philadelphia (or any cream cheese of your choice): 100g

  • Sugar: 30g

  • Lemon juice: 1 tsp

  • Lemon zest: a little

  • Other instruments needed
  • Mooncake stamp

  • Corn starch for dusting

  • Plastic wrap

  • Parchment paper

  • Electric blender (optional)


  • Taro purée
  • Peel the skin of the taro. Wash away the remaining dust under running water.
  • Cut the taro into small pieces and put them in a steamer.sbuccia e taglia i tari
  • Place the steamer on boiling water and cook the taro for 30 minutes on medium heat.
  • Take 800g of the cooked taro pulp and combine it with all the other ingredients (except for the purple sweet potato powder) in the group "Taro purée". Mash the taro pulp meanwhile mixing it with other ingredients to get the taro purée. Consider using an electric blender to make the process easier.Dopo averlo mescolato il purée di taro sembra un composto compatto e glutinoso a cui è molto facile dargli una forma.
  • Leave half portion of the purée and add the purple sweet potato powder.come preparare il purée di taro
  • Mix everything evenly to get the purple purée. You should thus have obtained two versions of purée: white and purple.
  • Divide and conserve the taro purée
  • Reserve 160g of each version of taro purée. Cover them separately with plastic wrap and keep them in the fridge overnight.
  • Divide the rest purée into smaller portions according to your future needs. Wrap each portion with plastic wrap and keep them in the freezer for up to 1 month. Take it out one night before using to defrost.Dividi quello che rimane in piccole porzioni per utilizzare in futuro. Ogni porzione avvolgila nella pellicola e tienila nel congelatore per non più di due mesi. Tiralo fuori dal congelatore la notte prima dell'utilizzo per scongelarlo.
  • The lemon flavored cheese filling
  • Put all the ingredients in a bowl.Versa tutti gli ingredienti in una ciotola.
  • Mix them with a whip continuing stir in the same direction. Stop when all ingredients are evenly combined.Mescolali girando la frusta continuamente nella stessa direzione.
  • Wrap the filling with plastic wrap. Keep it in freezer for 1 hour for hardening before using.Mette il ripieno di formaggio al limone in congelatore
  • Assemble the mooncake
  • Divide each version of the purée into 10 portions, each weight around 15-18g. Roll each portion into a small ball.Arrotola ogni porzione di taro purée in una pallina
  • Take out the cooled filling from fridge and divide it into 10 portions.
  • Take 2 of the balls of the purée and press each into a round disc. Make a sandwich with these two discs inserting one portion of the filling in between.
  • Press the edge to close the sandwich. Try to leave as little air inside as possible. Roll the closed sandwich into a ball.Fai un sandwich con puree taro e formaggio al limone
  • Repeat the steps 3 & 4 to get in total 10 mooncake con taro e formaggio al limone
  • Set up a mooncake workstation: prepare 1) a pool of cornstarch by placing cornstarch in a flat plate; 2) your mooncake stamp; 3) a flat surface covered with parchment paper.
  • Take one ball prepared in step 5. Roll it over in the pool of cornstarch. Gently dust off the excess starch on the surface leaving only a subtle layer. This is to prevent the mooncake sticking to the mould.
  • Put the ball inside the stamp, and place the stamp facing down on the piece of parchment paper laying on a flat surface. Press down the stick of the stamp up to the point when you start to feel resistant force coming from the mooncake inside. Hold for 2 seconds before releasing the stick.Metti la palla nello stampo, premila sul foglio di carta da forno già posizionato sulla superficie di lavoro. Premi la forma fino a che non senti resistenza dall'interno. Tieni premuto per 2-3 secondi prima di rilasciare lo stampo.
  • Place the taro mooncakes in a food container and keep them in the fridge. Enjoy whenever you want. Keep those you can’t finish within 3 days in the freezer for longer tasting period (up to 1 month). take it out 10 minutes before consuming.NO-BAKE MOONCAKE CON TARO E REIPIENO DI FORMAGGIOMetti il mooncake così ottenuto in un contenitore alimentare e conserva in frigorifer. I tuoi mooncake sono pronti per mangiare quando vuoi


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