The Sichuan pepper aromatic salt is an omnipotent condiment, which can be used in marinating, seasoning, and dressing our daily dishes. It is a smart method to give flavour to the salt. What makes this condiment so useful is that you could add it into a dish without worrying about making a mistake!


It is very economic to make the Sichuan pepper aromatic sale at home. The ingredients are salt, Sichuan peppercorns (both green and red, shop them here: Kit Pepe del Sichuan ChinEAT), plus some other Asian aroma.

Kit pepe del Sichuan ChinEAT verde e rosso


In this recipe, I am using the Sichuan peppercorns from Whole Sichuan Pepper Premium Collection by ChinEat, whose products give you convenient solutions to the basic and authentic Chinese flavors. Their products cover condiments, cooking sauces, spicy sauces, noodles & vermicelli (including the instante options), and hotpot bases, etc. The Sichuan pepper premium kit is one of their first products available online on the Italian market. More delicious surprises are arriving soon!

In the kit it comes with two kinds of Sichuan peppercorns: red and green. The red Sichuan pepper, as mentioned in my free eBook: Beginner's guide to the Chinese Cooking, is an essential condiment for a Chinese pantry. You can find it used in many of my recipes. It has a citrus and sweet scent. If chewed, it creates a subtle tingling on the tongue. The green Sichuan pepper on the other hand is the major sauce for the tingling sensation, which is citrus and fresh. It is usually used together with the red peppercorns to build the typical "numbing spicy" flavour of the Sichuan cuisine. On the website ChinEAT shop you can find tons of ideas on how to use the Sichuan peppercorns, including recipes of western dishes (fantastic dressing on the carbonara pasta!). It gives a signature touch to your daily meals.

Even though named "pepper", the Sichuan pepper has nothing todo with neither the "black pepper" nor the chili pepper. This makes them un-replaceable. You really have to give a try!

But now let's focus on how to make the aromatic salt with Sichuan pepper! With this simple recipe you will create a "game changer" in your kitchen!


Recipe by Sasha WangCourse: BASIC PREPARATIONSCuisine: ChineseDifficulty: Low







The Sichuan pepper aromatic salt is an omnipotent condiment, which can be used in marinating, seasoning, and dressing our daily dishes. It is a smart method to give flavour to the salt.


  • Red Sichuan peppercorns: 30gPepe del Sichuan rosso Premium Collection di ChinEAT

  • Star anise (without seed note): 1

  • Salt: 20g

  • Green Sichuan peppercorns: 20gPepe del Sichuan verde Premium Collection di ChinEAT

  • Fennel seeds: 5g

  • White sesame seed: 5g


  • Soak the Sichuan peppercorns (both red and green) and the star anise in water for 2 minutes.Metti il pepe del Sichuan (rosso e verde) e dell'anice stellato in ammollo in acqua per 2 minuti.
  • Gently rub them, then drain the water. Leave them to air-dry. This is to remove the dust from the peppercorns. Moreover, the peppercorns washed like this are not easy to get burned in the following steps.
  • Put the air-dried peppercorns and the star anise in a wok. Stir-fry them on low heat for 10-15 minutes to take away the remaining humidity.Metti i grani e le stelle di anice nel wok. Fai saltare a fuoco lento per 10-15 minuti in modo che tutta l'umidità sia rimossa.
  • When there is profumo coming out and the peppercorns become crispy (you could easily mash it by rubbing between fingers), add in the rest ingredients and continue to stir-fry.i grani diventano croccanti (puoi facilmente schiacciarli sfregandoli con le dita)
  • Once the salt turns to yellow, turn off the fire and leave it aside to cool down.Una volta che il sale è diventato di colore giallo, spegni il fuoco e lascia raffreddare.
  • Blend everything into a powder.Il pepe di Sichuan rosso ha un profumo agrumato e delle note dolciastre. Se masticato, crea un leggero formicolio sulla lingua. Il pepe del Sichuan verde invece è responsabile della sensazione di ‘formicolio’ della bocca, è agrumato e fresco.



  • The seed inside the star anise may add bitterness to the final result.
Cina In Tavola e ChinEAT official

Conserve it in a container and use whenever you want. It goes well with almost every dish, but especially fried dishes! Next time when you have a plate of fried seafood or fried chicken popcorns, remember to sprinkle some of this homemade aromatic salt on top!

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  1. Ciao Sasha, è sempre fantastico vederti all’opera! Con questo sale aromatizzato conquisterai molti palati… Hai regalato a molti il famoso “segreto dello chef”! Con affetto. ChinEAT

  2. Come sempre fantastica! Il pepe del Sichuan è la mia passione. Corro a sbirciare per bene gli altri ingredienti e mi attrezzo per preparare la pozione magica di questo sale che salverà tutti i miei BBQ con gli amici!

  3. Sasha, corro a comprare il KIT ChinEAT con il pepe del Sichuan! Sento già da qui un profumo meraviglioso! Mitica!!!!!!Grazie!


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